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Accounting Sciences


The Course:

It has subjects of theoretical content which allow students to get in touch with researchs conducted in Brazil and abroad. This allows for a critical view of the management models adopted by companies. It also offers subjects of practical content that throughout the course make it possible to obtain the necessary technical knowledge to operate in the market through internships and extension activities. In addition, the course boasts an IT laboratory, a library, a study room and the “Junior Company”. With this training, it is possible to approach students to the field of work. The development of theoretical and empirical research complements the study of business reality in a critical way, seeking effective solutions to the problems experienced by companies.

Professional prospects:

The Bachelor of Accounting Sciences is trained to work in various areas of the public and private sectors. In companies, they can act as financial analysts, general accountants, management accountants, cost accountants, internal auditors and actuaries (specialized in measuring and managing risks). Furthermore, they may be responsible for tax payment planning. As a self-employed professional, they can become independent auditor consultants, advisors, accounting managers, expert accountants or fraud investigators.
In public agency positions, the career prospects involve positions, such as public accountant, tax auditor, audit officer and accounting officer. In the teaching field, they may work as teachers, researchers, writers, legal advisors, lecturers.


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