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Higher collegiate

Superior Council (Consu)

It is the highest bureau of internal deliberations of the institution, having normative, deliberative and planning functions. It establishes the guidelines and institutional planning of the university and oversees its implementation in accordance with federal laws and internal regulations. It is responsible for approving and monitoring the implementation of the management plan proposed by the dean.

According to UFJF’s Statute, it comprises the following members: the dean, as its president; the vice-dean; the associate deans; the directors of the academic units; the director of the University Hospital; three representatives of the Council of Graduation; three representatives of the Board of Research and Graduate Studies; three representatives of the Board of Extension and Culture; a teacher nominated by the class entity; seven student representatives appointed by the Central Directory of Students (DCE); seven representatives of the technical and administrative staff appointed by the class entity; the last former dean who has completed a mandate; and two community representatives, one of the working class and one of the employing class.

More information: Consu’s website

 Sector Council of Graduation (Congrad)

The Congrad is responsible for proposing the University guidelines to the Superior Council relating to undergraduate courses, basic education, vocational education and sequential courses.Among the issues deliberated by the council are the creation of new courses, academic curricula, admission criteria and the filling of places in the institution as well as the school calendar.

The Congrad is composed of the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, as its chair, the coordinators of undergraduate courses and representatives of the João XXIII Application School, the other Sector Councils, students and the education technical and administrative staff.

More information: Congrad’s website

Sector Council of Graduate Studies and Research

It is responsible for proposing the University guidelines to the Superior Council regarding policies and norms in their areas of its competence.It sets down the general rules for the organization, operation, evaluation and necessary changes in postgraduate courses and research programs, as well as projects developed within the University.

It is composed by the Associate Dean of Post-graduation, Research and Innovation, as its chair, the coordinators of Graduate Programs, the directors of the institutionalized Research Centers, a representative of each of the other Sector Councils, representatives of Research Centers in each area, student representatives, and technical and administrative staff.