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FrameNet Brasil develops in-house software for language database management and annotation, as well as applications based on the FN-Br Lexicon and Constructicon.

Frame Creation & Annotation

FrameNet Brasil Web Annotation Tool

The FrameNet Brasil Web Annotation Tool is an open source database management and annotation tool developed by FrameNet Brasil. It allows for the creation of frames, constructions and relations between them, as well as for the annotation of sentences and full texts. The tool has been used in the Global FrameNet shared annotation task.

FN-Br WebTool Demo (attempt your first login using Auth0 and then request credentials authorization by sending an email to
FN-Br WebTool Repo
FN-Br WebTool Tutorials


Lutma – A Frame Maker Tool

Since the early 2000s, Berkeley FrameNet has been expanded to other languages, giving rise to diverse frame-building initiatives. Moreover, several groups conduct research using Berkeley FrameNet frames but would like to add more frames to specific domains not yet covered in FN 1.7. Although the Global FrameNet community is highly active, creating new frames and adding them to the existing network requires putting a lot of effort in building a annotation software and database structure.

Given this context, FrameNet Brasil and the Distributed Little Red Hen Lab have partnered to build Lutma: a wizard-like tool for creating new frames in constrained tutored fashion. The tool is developed as an app that can be used by anyone, regardless of them having a background in FrameNet or not. Tutorials guide the users throughout the whole process.

And the best is that all the frames created in Lutma will be publicly available to everyone.

Lutma Demonstration Video




m.knob – Multilingual Knowledge Base

The Multilingual Knowledge Base (m.knob) is an app based on a Conversational User Interface, GregBot, which acts as a virtual travel guide providing personalized recommendations of tourist attractions, events and activities. To do that, a Natural Language Understanding system uses the FrameNet Brasil database to derive semantic analysis of the sentences the user types during the conversation with GregBot and matches them to the descriptions of attractions in the database.

It also features a semantically grounded sentence translator and a Dictiopedia, a vocabulary of useful terms for tourism in Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish. The translations presented by the app are automatically generated via two different methodologies. For verbs and names that indicate events, they are calculated by a system that compares uses of these words in semantically annotated real texts stored in the FrameNet Brasil database. For names that indicate people, objects and places, they are automatically extracted from BabelNet, an open online database, and validated by the linguists in the project.

m.knob is the result of an interdisciplinary research project conducted at the FrameNet Brasil Laboratory, with researchers and graduate students from the Linguistics and Computer Science departments of Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

m.knob for android
m.knob for iOS


The FrameNet Brasil World Cup Dictionary

The FrameNet Brasil World Cup Dictionary is a frame-based trilingual (Portuguese – Spanish – English) electronic dictionary covering the domains of soccer, tourism and the World Cup. Focused on human users, the final product was used by tourists, tourism professionals, journalists and the staff involved in the organization of the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FN-Br World Cup Dictionary