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FrameNet Brasil engages in collaborations with multiple partners around the world. Learn about the collaboration initiatives below.


Constructions in Contrast

  • Purpose: Aligning the Constructions being developed for Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish.
  • Partners: Swedish FrameNet++ and Swedish Constructicon, Göteborgs Universitet.
  • Funding: CAPES and STINT.

Global FrameNet

  • Purpose: Aligning the several framenet lexicons developed for English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian and Chinese, and also annotating full texts and their translations to these and other languages.
  • Partners: See website.


Comparing Languages with Frames and Constructions: Multilingual Resources and Machine Translation

  • Purpose: Building an infrastructure for developing contrastive analyses of languages using frames and constructions.
  • Partners: Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf and Universität Leipzig.
  • Funding: CAPES and DAAD.