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The Graduate Program in Social Work, School of Social Work at UFJF, Master’s Degree, was recommended by Coordination of Undergraduate Improvement (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior, CAPES) in November, 2004. Its area of concentration “Social Issues, Territory, Social Policy and Social Work” is articulated in two subject areas: “Social Policy and Public Management” and “Social Work and Social Subjects”.  
  1. AIMS
  The aims of the program consider its specificity as post-graduate studies and the insertion of the university in the surrounding region. Thus, the following objectives have been defined: . To train qualified human resources to work with social and public policies. . To train qualified human resources to work in higher education and research organizations. . to contribute to the consolidation and expansion of Social Work as a field of knowledge of social issues and social policies. . to contribute to the improvement and innovation of social and public government policies at the municipal, state and federal levels. . To promote exchanges between researchers within the subject areas defined by the program with others from other related programs. . To contribute to the consolidation of existing research groups with the establishment of consistent projects involving undergraduate, IC and graduate students. . To strengthen undergraduate education by the improvement of the faculty and the establishment of research opportunities for graduate students. . To produce and disseminate new knowledge through publishing, and organizing seminars and conferences.  
  Social Issues, Territory, Social Policies and Social Work   The debate today on social work and even in the field of public policy and management needs to consider the diversity and particularity that spatial differences will impose on contemporary processes of capitalist accumulation and its impact on the settings of the social issue. The social issue and how it is fought through the policies mediated in its local expressions constitutes the pivotal point of approaches both to the study of politics and public administration and in relation to relevant discussions to the professional work of Social Work and social courses.


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