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The Graduate Program in Linguistics has sought to consolidate its international partnerships and establish new ones. In this context, the following initiatives stand out:

CAPES/STINT Bilateral Brazil-Sweden Cooperation Program

Since 2016, the Graduate Program in Linguistics develops, through the team led by Prof. Dr. Tiago Timponi Torrent, on the FrameNet Brazil Laboratory, a research and graduate study exchange partnership with Göteborgs Universitet, in Sweden. Through the partnership, two-way research visits are carried out annually, as well as doctorate and post-doc student exchange fellowships are granted in both directions.


PROBRAL-CAPES/DAAD Bilateral Brazil-Germany Cooperation Program

Since January 2018, the Graduate Program in Linguistics has also engaged, through the same team, in research and graduate study exchange program with two German universities: Heinrich-Heine Universitat Düsseldorf and Universitat Leipzig. Similar to the CAPES/STINT program, two-way research visits are carried out annually, as well as doctorate and post-doc scholarships.


Global FrameNet

With the growth of FrameNet Brazil’s bilateral international partnerships, Global FrameNet was implemented, under the leadership of UFJF. It is a broad international network of collaboration in computational linguistics, with institutional partnerships in the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Agreement with the Mondes Anciens research unit of the Université de Liège

From January 2020, on the occasion of Prof. Dr. Fábio Fortes’ post-doctoral internship, the Graduate Program in Linguistics has established a research partnership with the Université de Liège, and the aforementioned professor has joined the Mondes Anciens unit of the Language Sciences Department as a researcher.


Visiting Professor Program

UFJF’s Dean of Graduate Division and Research made available the Public Call nº 28, from September 21, 2017, through which each graduate program of UFJF could hire a visiting professor for a period of up to 4 years. The Graduate Program in Linguistics approved, in the first call of this announcement, two foreign candidates, Dr. Miriam Petruck, from the International Computer Science Institute, in Berkeley, FrameNet headquarters, and Dr. Guillome Thomas, from Toronto University. Dr. Petruck taught a graduate course in English and developed research activities at the FrameNet Brasil Laboratory from March to July 2018.

In 2019, we received Prof. Juan Manoel Sosa Hernandez, a foreign researcher, through the Public Call 01/2018-PROPP, whose contract started in April 2019 and is still in course.


Global July

Carried out by the International Relations Office, in partnership with the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Global July is a program that offers courses to Brazilian and foreign students during the northern hemisphere summer vacation. Courses are taught in English, French and Spanish. The Graduate Program in Linguistics participates in the initiative, both through its faculty, who offer courses in foreign languages, and through the invitation of foreign partners.


Regular Courses Offered in English

Since 2018, either through the arrival of visiting professors or through the initiative of its own professors, the Graduate Program in Linguistics has offered regular courses in English. This initiative, together with the existence of two web conference rooms in the program, has allowed internationally renowned teachers to participate as guests in program’s regular courses.