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UFJF | Linguistics Accredited with International Excellence Grade by CAPES

The Graduate Program in Linguistics at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora was accredited with grade 6 by the Brazilian National Evaluation System for Graduate Programs (CAPES), attesting its excellence at an international level.

To achieve grade 6 in the scale adopted by CAPES – which ranges from 1 to 7 – the evaluated program must have obtained the highest score in all evaluation criteria and in the vast majority of the sub criteria.

Furthermore, to be awarded a grade 6, the Peer Review Committee appointed by CAPES evaluates if the program presents “clear distinction from other programs that received grade 5, considering the indicators of excellence in education and intellectual contribution to the Area (…); notorious demonstration of excellence in qualitative indicators of impact of intellectual contributions; clear leadership, relevance, and recognition both nationally and (…) internationally”. (see CAPES Regulation nº 122, dated August 5th, 2021).

The following qualitative dimensions are also considered

a) Research: research activities developed by groups and/or individuals linked to the programs that have an international cooperation framing (international funding, international team and/or outcomes);
b) Intellectual contribution: intellectual activities developed by faculty members, students and/or graduates from the programs that reveal the establishment of international cooperation (international publication, co-authorship with researchers based in a foreign institution and/or resulting from collaborative international research projects);
c) Academic mobility: mobility initiatives for students, graduates and teachers of the programs, establishing exchange with foreign institutions, sending and receiving people, fostering work in partnership and the interactions established among the institutions; and
d) Institutional performance: inclusion of internationalization actions in the program’s objectives, international selection process, courses in foreign languages, double degree programs, international visibility of the program (website in foreign language) (see CAPES Regulation No. 122, dated August 5, 2021).

The Graduate Programs in Linguistics and History were the first in UFJF to receive grade 6 by CAPES, inaugurating a new stage of consolidation of the Graduate Programs at the university.