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Common Questions

1) Does the course offer scholarships?

No, as it is a Professional Master’s Degree, the course does not receive scholarships from funding agencies.


2) Does the course have a monthly fee?

No, the course is free, only the registration fee for the Selection Process is charged.


3) Are the classes in person?

Yes, the course is in person and classes are preferably concentrated on Thursdays and Fridays.


4) Should a student regularly enrolled in the course and who has been a special student in an isolated discipline apply for credits?

Yes, as a special student in an isolated subject, the student receives a different enrollment number from the regular student, even if it is the same person. Thus, it is necessary to apply for the use of credits.]


5) When is the English proficiency exam taken?

The English exam is taken twice a year, with the student having at least 3 chances to pass during the course, which lasts 24 months.


6) How many times a year is the selection process carried out?

Only once a year. Usually, registration for the selection process takes place in September for the beginning of the class in March of the following year.


7) Does the selection include taking tests?

No, the selection is based on the Lattes Curriculum, presentation of the work plan and interview.


8) How many times a year can enrollments be made in an isolated subject?

Twice a year, immediately before the start of each semester.


9) Is there a limit on the number of subjects that can be taken as a special student in an isolated subject?

No, however, only 12 credits can be used if the student subsequently takes the Master’s course.