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The Postgraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PPGCF) at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) was created at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2010. PPGCF currently offers Master's and Doctorate courses with a concept 4 at CAPES, with the area concentration of Active Natural and Synthetic Products covering two lines of research: (1) Biological and Pharmacological Evaluation of Natural and Synthetic Products, and (2) Obtaining and Development of Active Natural and Synthetic Products of Pharmaceutical, Biological, Nutraceutical or Medicinal Interest.

The general objective of PPGCF / UFJF is to train qualified human resources in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Among the specific objectives of the PPGCF, it is enabling the development of different didactic-pedagogical skills to professionals for their performance in higher education teaching. In addition, the PPGCF aims to qualify professionals in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences capable of developing research projects and methods for public and private institutions, as well as the critical thinking necessary for academic, scientific and technological development at local, regional, national and international levels .

Information on selection processes is widely disseminated by the institution and also on the PPGCF website.



Divulgação de Defesas

A Pró-Reitoria de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa torna pública as informações relativas às defesas de Dissertações e Teses:
DIVULGAÇÃO DE DEFESAS DE MESTRADO E DOUTORADO A OCORRER_atualizada em 29 de maio de 2020_covid19
Visando o bom andamento das atividades e o envio frequente de dúvidas relativas ao procedimento de realização das