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General Characterization of the Program / Goals


The post-graduate program in Physical Education and Sports, master’s and PhD course, was created in 2007 and is offered through the broad association between the Department of Physical Education at the Federal University of Viçosa (DES-UFV) and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Federal University of Juiz de Fora (FAEFID-UFJF), having obtained the concept 5 (five) in the 2013-2016 CAPES quadrennial evaluation.

The professional formation aims to meet the demand for highly qualified human resources generated by the various undergraduate and specialization courses in Physical Education and related areas. Focused on the training of higher education teachers, with competence in research in Physical Education and related areas, this program should provide the student with the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the conduct of scientific research, production and dissemination of knowledge on issues related to PhysicalEducation and Sports.



• to develop research and train researchers in the different areas of knowledge in Physical Education and Sports;

• to contribute to the production of academic – scientific knowledge for the development and consolidation of Physical Education as a ​​knowledgearea;

• to disseminate knowledge through technical-scientific events, exchanging between researchers and professionals;

• to form research professors for higher education.