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The application must be done with Brazilian Diplomatic Missions or consular offices. The date will be fixed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministério das Relações Exteriores).


It is carried out by Brazilian Diplomatic Missions which routes candidates’ relation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In this step, it is necessary the presentation of the following documents: declaration of commitment, school transcript, declaration of conclusion from high school, and statement of economic capability from the student’s parents or guardians. The documents, except for the declaration of commitment, must be authenticated at a Brazilian consulate. It is necessary the certificate of approval from CELPE-BRAS for PEC-G’s candidates.

Selective Process

Candidates from countries that do not apply CELPE-BRAS will be submitted to classes of Portuguese for foreigners and to CELPE-BRAS exam (only once) in Brazil after the selection for PEC-G. Certification from the proficiency test in Portuguese language is a fundamental condition for the entrance in higher education institutions and in PEC-G program.

Final Selection

The Division of Educational Themes (Divisão de Temas Educacionais DCT/MRE) and the General Coordination of Student Relations (Coordenação-Geral de Relações Estudantis SESu/MEC), assisted by a commission appointed by the Forum of Undergraduate Pro-Rectors of Brazilian Universities (Fórum de Pró-Reitores de Graduação das Universidades Brasileiras); Brazilian Universities Advisory Forum for International Affairs (Fórum das Assessorias das Universidades Brasileiras para Assuntos Internacionais) and National Forum of Pro-Rectors of Community and Student Affairs) Fórum Nacional dos Pró-Reitores de Assuntos Comunitários e Estudantis) under the terms of Ordinance SESu / MEC No. 510, of August 21, 2006, make the final selection, in Brasília. Results are disseminated by diplomatic missions or representations.