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Buddy Project

The Buddy Project was inspired by international projects such as the Erasmus Program. Therefore, we support international students at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) to establish themselves in a new culture and assist in the institution’s bureaucratic processes. The buddies that directly support the international students are students from the university itself who went through a rigorous selection to be part of the team. Events are also held monthly to interact and show the Brazilian culture and the city of Juiz de Fora to the exchange students. 

The specific functions of a buddy range from being the exchange student’s first friend – a person they trust – to helping them with the National Migration Registry Card (CRNM), CPF, student ID card, presenting tourist attractions in the region, among others. 

The project’s goal is to give international students a more pleasant exchange experience.


Form to request a Buddy

International students who are interested in participating of the project and having a brazilian buddy must fill this form (Portuguese, English, Spanish)


Housing Program

In addition to daily support, the Buddy Project helps international students finding a place to live during their stay in Juiz de Fora.

The international student who comes to UFJF has the option of staying in the house of Brazilians linked to the institution, through the rental contract. The Housing Program is a modality of the Buddy Project that extends beyond the buddies (participants of the program) and encompasses students, professors, TAEs and outsourced workers from UFJF who are interested in receiving an international student at home.


How to partake the Project?

There are two possible ways to become part of the Buddy Project, which are: being a buddy or being a coordinator.


The buddies are UFJF students that assist exchange students during their permanence in the institution. To be a buddy is to support the international student in their bureaucratic, academic and cultural experiences. Every action is planned so that the exchange experiences are pleasant and memorable.

The coordinators are also UFJF students, who structure and organize the entire Project. The current coordinations are: Communication, to propagate the institutional image; Events, which organizes the integration calendar for exchange students; People Management, which mediates all internal events of the Project; and Housing, which bridges the gap between international students and property owners.



E-mail: projetobuddy@gmail.com

Facebook: Projeto Buddy

Instagram: @projetobuddy