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Immigration Procedures

As part of the responsibilities as a foreigner on Brazilian territory, the student must pay attention to the deadlines and demands of the federal government regarding their stay in the country.

The foreigner must attend the indicated places, as a post of the federal police (at the UAI – Integrated Attendance Unit, at Shopping Jardim Norte) 

To proceed with your regularization process, where you will receive a CPF and an RNE (national registration of foreigners), in addition to presenting documents that will be evaluated.

In case of expiration of the protocols or visa, and / or failing to submit any of the requested documents, the responsibility rests entirely with the individual and may receive a fine.


Checklist –  Immigrant registration (abre em nova janela)

The application, through an electronic form duly filled out on the PF website (available on this link (abre em nova janela))

  • 1 (one)  recent 3×4 photo, with color, white background, plain paper, frontwards (in case of unavailability of the Federal Police biometric data collection system, presentation may be required)
  • Declaration of e-mail address and other means of contact, preferably accompanied by a simple copy of proof of residence
  • Valid travel document or other document proving identity and nationality, under the terms of the treaties to which the country is agreed on.
  • Birth or marriage certificate or consular certificate, when the travel document or official identity document does not contain data on affiliation
  • Original Visa form
  • Proof of payment of the CRNM issuance fee (revenue code 140120, amount R$ 204.77), when applicable (to issue the Union Collection Guide, click here (abre em nova janela))
  • Traveler’s identification document (for a family reunion visa)


Depending on the case, other documents may be required.

With the link (abre em nova janela) , it is possible to generate the GRU in the amount of R$ 204.77, which must be paid at Banco do Brasil  Bank or lottery houses. The fields with (*) are mandatory, and you must select the Unidade Arrecadadora of the city of Juiz de Fora, where the guide will be delivered. It is not allowed to reproduce any type of copy of the GRU and the printed information must not be tampered with.


The International Relations team assists foreign students in  scheduling their appointments at the Federal Police headquarters, in case of difficulties. The link for scheduling is here and all data must be filled in correctly, following the model described in the link.

 Link to extend stay

The link to extend the stay is (extend stay (abre em nova janela)) and the form must be filled in with the personal information of the individual concerned. The site is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Visiting Professors

Process Outline

Hiring foreign visiting professors is a complex process that involves various instances of UFJF. 

The selection process is carried out by the department to which the professor will be linked, based on the Call Notice Published by PROGEPE; 

Contact information of the approved professors will be forwarded to DRI, which will then guide them through the migration procedures necessary for the hiring

After arriving in Brazil, DRI helps the visitor to complete the procedures related to immigration, and PROGEPE helps them to complete the hiring procedures through UFJF.


Residence permit (prior)

 Professors residing outside Brazil must request a prior residence permit at the nearest consular office.

 If the professor is already in Brazil, they must request a residence permit.

 To instruct the request, please fill in the form below and send a digital copy of your passport to the e-mail incoming.dri@ufjf.edu.br

colocar link do formulário


Arriving in Brazil 

Federal Police

After arriving in Brazil, the professor must carry out the residence permit procedures at the Federal Police, providing the following documents:

  • Registration form, duly filled in electronic form available on the Federal Police website (on the page “Registrar-se como estrangeiro no Brasil”);
  • 1(one) recent 3×4 cm photo, in color, white background, facing the camera (in case of unavailability of the system of biometric data collection at the Federal Police, it can be required to present the photo);
  • Declaration of electronic address and other means of contact, preferably with a copy of a proof of residence (click here);
  • Valid travel documents or other document that proves the identity and nationality, in the terms of the treaties that the country is part of;
  • Certificate of birth or marriage, or consulate certificate, when the travel document or official identity document do not show the name of parents;
  • Page of the Official Journal of the Union with the approval;
  • Proof of the CRNM issuance fee (revenue code 140120, cost R$204,77), if applicable (to issue the Federal Tax Collection Form (GRU), click here);
  • Once the documents are gathered, schedule your visit to the Federal Police here.


In Juiz de Fora, the service unit is located at the following address:

Avenida Brasil, 6345,  Lojas 100/101 – Shopping Jardim Norte, Mariano Procópio, 36080-060 Juiz de Fora

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8AM to 3PM

 Contact: pae.jfa.mg@pf.gov.br

+55 32 3250-1036, +55 32 3250-1037, +55 32 3250-1038


Pre-admission medical exam

At the same time, the professor must provide the following blood tests:

  • Full Blood Count;
  • Fasting glycemia;
  • Abo-Rh Testing;
  • Total Cholesterol and Fractions;
  • Urea;
  • Creatinine;
  • Uric Acid;
  • Triglycerides.


After completing the tests, DRI will schedule a test at UFJF SIASS Unit.

 Coordination of Health, Safety and Wellbeing (COSSBE/SIASS)

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/uvy1Q1TzPSWvkqSZ7

Tel: (32)2102-3885

e-mail: siass@ufjf.edu.br


Contract Signing

Once steps 1 and 2 are concluded, DRI will follow the professor to PROGEPE in order to sign the contract and to exercise the faculty position.

Program Extension

 Extension of contract for visiting professors is carried out upon request by the department to which they are linked and follows the same procedures of the initial enrollment.

 This process can extend another 60 days, so contact your department at the earliest possible opportunity to get informed about the possibilities of extension and to avoid any irregularities in your migration status in Brazil.