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 International students are responsible for taking all measures to regulate their own migration status and for protecting this regularization during their stay in Brazil. The international academic and administrative units must inform the UFJF International Office in advance of the student arrival so as to properly guide them and to provide information about the procedures and the required documents to regulate their migration status for purposes of enrollment at CDARA.

The international student is responsible for translating the documents to Portuguese, with or without the help of the Coordination of Graduate Program and the International Office – the latter is also responsible for attesting to the authenticity of all documents regarding the initial enrollment and for certifying the translated documents when necessary.

After verifying the legal possibility of establishing a relationship with UFJF, the International Office will forward the documents and the duly filled-in application form in Annex II to CDARA, which will then carry out the enrollment of international students in their respective courses, in the  modality “Convênio Exterior – 80A”. These students will have access to all disciplines. The International Office will carry out the discipline enrollment of international undergraduate students. As for international graduate students, the enrollment procedure will be carry out by the Coordination of the chosen course.

With respect to the admission modalities “Isolated Discipline”, “Idle Vacancies” and “Refugees”, the International Office is available to answer all questions and to take the needed measures to properly complete the enrollment of the selected international students. As for the modalities “distance education” or “remote learning”, international students are not required to submit proof of regular migration status while they remain outside the Brazilian territory.

By end of the semester, the student will complete the program and receive the Academic Transcript.  The exchange program can be extended upon request to the International Office, in compliance with the regulatory deadline.

All international students enrolled at UFJF are guaranteed an official UFJF Student ID card.

At UFJF, international student admission can be carried out in the following admission modalities:


I – At undergraduate level:

  1. Original selection process;
  2. Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G);
  3. Courtesy enrollment, for diplomats and their dependents;
  4. International Cooperation Agreement;
  5. Brazil-Colombia and Brazil-Mexico Student Exchange Programs, and other promoted programs associated with the partnership with the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities;
  6. Refugees;
  7. Idle vacancies;
  8. Other modalities authorized by PROGRAD.


II – At graduate level:

  1. Regular selection process;
  2. Exchange Program for Graduate Students (PEC-PG);
  3. Program of Alliances for Education and Training (Paec/OEA), Program of Higher Education Professor Training in African Countries (Proafri), and other promoted programs associated with the partnership with the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities;
  4. Agreement for Joint Supervision;
  5. Reversal Sandwich PhD Program;
  6. Isolated Discipline;
  7. International Cooperation Agreement;
  8. Other modalities authorized by PROPP.