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Local attractions

Juiz de Fora

Although not being a touristic city, Juiz de Fora has some attractions for tourists. The most popular spot is the Emperor’s Hill (Morro do Imperador). One of the highest spots of the city, from there people can get a nice view from the city center and some other parts of the city

The Federal University of Juiz de Fora is an interesting attraction as well. The beautiful campus is one of the most popular places between the citizens of Juiz de Fora, when they want to run or simply take a walk. On the weekends, the university is the place people go to when they want to enjoy the sun and spend a calm day.

There is also Mariano Procopio’s Museum, which is currently closed for renovation, but still have a nice park, which is opened for the public.

Finally, there is also the Marmelos Hydroelectric Powerplant, the first hydroelectric plant of South America. It was inaugurated in 1889 and nowadays is a museum. It is opened everyday from 8:30h until 17:00.

See also more information about getting to the city, accommodation and the Brazilian Visa.

Aérea MAPRO - Museu Mariano Procópio  JFA copy

Mariano Procopio’s Museum


Juiz de Fora at night


Emperor’s Hill: nice view of the city center

Parque Halfeld

Halfeld square: another attraction


Neighbouring cities

There is also the possibility of knowing some cities near Juiz de Fora. Juiz de Fora is located in Minas Gerais, one of the biggest states of Brazil, well known by its natural beauties and historic heritage.

Tiradentes (150 km), São João del Rei (155km), Ouro Preto (230 km) and Mariana (240 km) are one of the famous cities of the state, which are known for its historic heritage and are an excellent option for knowing Minas Gerais’ culture.


Street of Tiradentes, one of the famous cities of Minas Gerais state