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Two International Speakers Confirmed

Conference Organizers are glad to announce that two distinguished lecturers are now confirmed
to present interesting subjects during IEEE/IAS Induscon 2014:


1) Prof. Luigi Vanfretti

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Estocolmo
Presentation Title: Real-Time and Predictive Monitoring, Analysis and Control of Cyber-Physical Power Systems

Abstract: The uncertainty brought about by renewable energy resources (RES) requires to develop a new understanding on how to monitor, operate, control and protect power transmission networks who will intensively depend of these energy sources.

 Future power systems will increasingly depend on wide-spread sensors, actuators, and computer systems exchanging real-time measurements and control actions through communication networks. To exploit the availability of wide-area time-synchronized measurements and distributed control systems, software and hardware solutions will be ‘in the loop’, transforming the electrical power networks into cyber-physical systems. These solutions need to be developed with a strong foundation in control theory, communication networks, efficient IT, measurement-and-model based analytics (such as model-based design, signal processing and machine learning), embedded systems design and implementation, and power engineering knowledge to enable resilient operation of the future cyber-physical grid (i.e. the “technical” smart grid).

 This talk will explore, through research project examples, concepts, methods and tools enabling a transition towards a smart cyber-physical grid where increased sensors, ICT, analytics and control can be enabled through the development of Wide-Area Monitoring Protection and Control (WAMPAC) applications, which in turn can aid in managing the stringent operation conditions which RES pose to current power transmission grids.

 Furthermore, to develop new real-time data based applications, experimental work needs to be performed. An overview of a real-time hardware-in-the-loop laboratory (SmarTS Lab) created to achieve this goal will be presented. The on-going and future development of “Smart Grid Apps” (software applications) using a measurement-and-model-based data analytics can help in monitoring and controlling large scale power networks is briefly outlined.

Speaker Info, click here


2) Prof. José Marcos Alonso Alvarez
Universidad de Oviedo, Spain
Presentation Title: GaN HEMT: An Overview of Device Operation and Applications in Power Electronics

 Abstract: Power switches based on semiconductor technology have greatly evolved since their first applications in 1960’s decade. Main goals to improve power switches focus on decreasing switching times, series resistance and of course cost. Lower switching times allows for higher operating frequencies of power electronics converters, decreasing both weight and volume and even allowing for integration of power converters in silicon, which is a recent technology known as power system on chip (PSoC). In this milieu, the more promising technologies are based on wide bandgap semiconductors, especially those based on Gallium Nitride (GaN). GaN transistors are high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) that take advantage of the spontaneous formation of a two-dimensional electron gas in the intimate region of two adjacent AlGaN and GaN layers. A very fast and low on-resistance device can be obtained with this structure. The talk will deal with this type of devices in an introductory level by presenting basic GaN FET structures and features, characteristics of commercially available devices, device characterization and modelling and typical applications in power electronics.

Speaker Info, click here (in Spanhish)