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Minicurso : The Economics of Corruption

O PPGE irá receber a presença da Ph.D. Jamie Bologna Pavlik, professora da Texas Tech University, USA. 

Jamie Bologna Pavlik irá ministrar o minicurso intitulado “The Economics of Corruption”, nos dias 18 e 19 de dezembro de 2018, na Faculdade de Economia da UFJF (sala 5 – 2º andar).

O minicurso tem como público alvo docentes e discentes da área de ciências sociais.

As inscrições vão do dia 12 ao dia 18 de dezembro de 2018. As vagas são limitadas!

Informações sobre o minicurso e inscrições no link:



Readings & Schedule

While reading the papers listed in Italics ask yourself the following:

  • What is the question the author is asking?
  • What is the position that the author is taking?
  • What is the evidence for and against the author’s position? Is it sufficient?
  • What is the method? Are there problems with it?
  • Do you see any other problems with the paper?
  • What might be the next steps for research in this field to resolve remaining questions?


   (1) Introducing & Defining Corruption (Tuesday)

  • Svensson, J. 2005. Eight Questions about Corruption. Journal of Economic Perspectives 19(3), 19 – 42.
  • Rose-Ackerman, S. 2010. The Institutional Economics of Corruption. Social Science Open Access Repository, 47 – 63.
  • Sequeira, S., Djankov, S. 2014. Corruption and Firm Behavior: Evidence from African Ports. Journal of International Economics 94(2), 277 – 299.


   (2) Causes of Corruption (Tuesday)

  • Treisman, D. 2000. The Causes of Corruption: A Cross-National Study. Journal of Public Economics, 76(3), 399-457.


   (3) Patterns of Corruption/Corruption Schemes (Tuesday)

  • Shleifer, A., & Vishny, R. W. 1993. Corruption. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 108(3), 599-617.
    • Read all but focus on pages 605 – 611.


   (4) Identifying the Causal Effect of Corruption (Wednesday)

  • Mauro, P. 1995. Corruption and Growth. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 110(3), 681-712.
  • Donchev, D., & Ujhelyi, G. 2014. What do Corruption Indices Measure? Economics & Politics, 26(2), 309-331.
  • Colonnelli, E., & Prem, M. 2017. Corruption and Firms: Evidence from Randomized Audits in Brazil. Working Paper.