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Palestra – Prof. Mario Piris

Dando continuidade ao Programa de Seminários do Departamento de Física – 2018, promovido pelo PPG-Física, convidamos para o  seminário:

TítuloA global method for the electron correlation

Palestrante: Prof. Mario Piris

University of the Basque Country – Faculty of Chemistry – Polymer Science and Technology Department

Data: 11/12/2018 – terça-feira
Horário: 16:00 h
Local: S401 – Prédio de aulas ICE



The energy of an electron system can be determined exactly from the knowledge of the one- and two-particle reduced density matrices (1- and 2-RDMs). In practical applications, we employ this exact energy functional but using an approximate 2-RDM that is built from the 1-RDM. Approximating the energy functional has important consequences: the theorems obtained for the exact functional of the 1-RDM [1] are no longer valid. As a consequence, the functional N-representability problem arises, that is, we have to comply the requirement that reconstructed 2-RDM must satisfy N-representability conditions to ensure a physical value of the approximate ground-state energy. In the first part of this talk, the role of the N-representability in approximate one-particle functional theories [2] will be analyzed.

The 1-RDM functional is called Natural Orbital Functional (NOF) [3] when it is based upon the spectral expansion of the 1-RDM. Appropriate forms of the two-particle cumulant have led to different implementations [4], being the most recent an interacting-pair model called PNOF7 [5]. The latter is able to treat properly the static (non-dynamic) correlation and recover an important part of dynamic correlation. However, accurate solutions require a balanced treatment of both types of correlation. In the second part of the talk, a new method capable of achieving dynamic and static correlation even in those difficult cases in which both types of correlation are equally important, will be presented.


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